Overtime Class Action Types

Overtime Claims  – Common Class Action Types

Here are some common types of overtime claims we handle on a class action basis.

  1. Restaurant Industry: Workers such as servers, bussers, and kitchen staff and claims for minimum wage, overtime, and tip-theft.
  2. Technical Support: Overtime claims for technical support workers in the telecommunications, banking, and corporate sectors.
  3. Retail Industry: Assistant store managers are often misclassified as exempt from overtime and can accrue substantial claims.
  4. Adult Nightclub Industry: Dancers and entertainers suffer from frequent misclassification as independent contractors and non-payment of minimum or overtime wages, including earned fees and tips.
  5. Grocery Store Workers: Employees being denied proper overtime compensation because their employers unlawfully paid them using the “fluctuating workweek” method. It is important to examine whether the employee is really paid a fixed salary and other factors in order to be lawfully paid in this manner.
  6. Banking and Brokerage: Bank and brokerage employees, including assistant managers, customer service managers, personal bankers, loan officers, and financial advisors, for unpaid overtime.
  7. Prevailing Wage: Massachusetts workers on public work jobs not being paid the correct rate and, consequently, not being paid the correct overtime rate.

If you think one of these scenarios applies to you, reach out and we’ll do a free assessment of your claims.