Wage Act Claims and the Massachusetts Attorney General

The Massachusetts Attorney General has a special relationship to Wage Act claims in Massachusetts. The wage statute requires that an individual file a complaint for unpaid wages with the attorney general before bringing a lawsuit for triple damages and attorneys’ fees. This does not apply to overtime claims.

What usually happens is this: The attorney general’s office received your complaint and issues you a right to sue letter (also known as a “private right of action letter” or “PRA letter”). This is not a judgment or opinion on how strong your case is, but it does give you legal permission to sue. If you don’t receive this letter after filing your complaint with the attorney general, the statute states that you can file your case after 90 days after the filing of a complaint with the attorney general.

You do not have to file the attorney general wage complaint on your own. We will review your wage case for free, and if it is a good case, we’ll help you file the complaint and will obtain a PRA letter for you. The attorney general normally does not get involved in a wage case beyond giving you freedom to pursue your employer with a private attorney. We are private attorneys specializing in wage cases, and we only get paid from the defendant (your employer), not from you. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like us to review your case.


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