Case Report: Longwood Security Class Action Notice Mailed

Yesterday 812 former and current security officers were mailed a notice informing them that (1) there is a pending case against Longwood Security Services, Inc. for unpaid wages, (2) the court certified the case as a class action, (3) they are class members, and (4) we are the lawyers for the class (Nicholas F. Ortiz and Elizabeth Ryan, co-counsels). The case is based on Longwood’s practice of deducting pay from hourly security officers’ wages despite those officers being required to perform job duties during those breaks, such as remain on site, stay in uniform, monitor radios and respond to calls. Also, those officers were often so busy during shifts that taking any kind of break was very difficult or impossible.

A copy of the notice can be viewed here: Longwood Wage Class Action Notice. If you got a copy of the notice, or think you should have, and want to talk, please feel free to give us a call.

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