Pending Wage Class Action: Right at Home

Our firm has filed suit against Right at Home, Inc. and its local franchisee, Kenney Enterprises, LLC, on behalf of a putative class of home care aids (also sometimes called “home health aids”).

The class action complaint seeks back wages, including treble damages, for the Right at Home’s violations of Massachusetts wage and hour laws. Right at Home, and its franchisee, employ several hundred hourly home care aids in Massachusetts who provide in-home health care, companionship, cleaning and personal care to the sick, disabled, and elderly.

These home care aides must use their own vehicles to travel from home to home to provide these services. However, the defendants fail to pay their employees for this travel time, as required by law. The defendants also fail to reimburse their workers for all transportation expenses, as required by Massachusetts Regulations, 454 Code Mass. Regs. 27.04.

The litigation is currently in the discovery phase. Feel free to contact us if you have information to share concerning Right at Home or other employers in Massachusetts who fail to pay for intra-day travel time or do not reimburse employees for travel-related expenses. Note: this applies to travel during the work day and not to travel between home and work at the beginning or end of the day.

Our co-counsel in this case is Elizabeth Ryan of Bailey Glasser LLP.